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Minami Akatsuki is a one of main supporting character of the series. Best friend of Yume Irido and a childhood friend of Kogure Kawanami. She is also a first-year high school student of Rakurou Private High.


She's short with little to no chest. She usually ties her hair into a ponytail using a black bow-tie on top. Just like a normal outgoing high school girl, she is up-to-date with regards to fashion sense. She also knows how to wear make-up whether she'll be putting it on her own face, or on her friend's face.


She’s chirpy and great at interacting, a cute outgoing character who resembled an animal. She's also full of confidence and cares about the people around her. However, she gets grumpy about chest size talks and lashes out her frustration by doing excessive skinship towards other girls.


She is a childhood friend of Kogure Kawanami. Their parents were always too busy with their jobs which left the two childhood friends alone on their homes. Since their homes are literally next to one another, naturally, they became closer due to similar environment they are in, and during their elementary days, they became a couple. However, her affection for Kogure was too much for him which caused him to be hospitalized and their relationship ending up on a break-up during their middle school days.


She a short yet athletic high-school girl, and is best friends with Yume Irido. She is shown to become obsessive when she begins to care about and like someone, such as Yume Irido.

Mizuto and Yui's classmates. Very bright personality. She was a childhood friend of Kogure, and she was dating Kogure when he was in elementary school to junior high school, and he was called "Ko-kun". However, his excessive love for Kogure causes him to be hospitalized under stress and breaks up.

When she entered high school, she became very fond of Yui, and had enough affection to ask Mizuto to have a relationship on the premise of marriage because she could become a sibling if she married Mizuto.


Yume Irido

Yume is a best friend of Akatsuki. She usually voices out her distress and frustrations towards Akatsuki in which, Akatsuki returns a reply or an advice to her problems on how Yume must deal with them. More importantly, Yume is shown a strange kind of affection or favoritism from Akatsuki.

Mizuto Irido

A step-brother of her best friend Yume. In order to get closer with Yume, Akatsuki thought of becoming a girlfriend and even marrying Mizuto so that she could become a sibling along with her. However, all her advancements got stopped by Kogure Kawanami and Mizuto himself which made her drop this plan of hers. Later on after that incident, they became normal friends instead.

Kogure Kawanami

A childhood friend of Akatsuki. They were once a couple during their elementary school days until the end of their middle school. Akatsuki showed too much affection towards Kogure when they were dating which caused him to accumulate stress and even got him hospitalized for that. Because of this, they had no choice but to break-off their relationship status. Since then, they became a bit distant with one another and constantly bickering if they interact.

Isana Higashira

Isana got help from Yume and Akatsuki when she looked like that she doesn't realize she's in love with Mizuto. However, despite their efforts, Mizuto rejected Isana which led them to a decision of both Yume and Akatsuki, becoming friends with her.