Mamahaha no Tsurego ga Motokano Datta Wiki

This is the Mamahaha no Tsurego ga Motokano Datta Wiki's Formatting Policy, which outlines the considerations that must be made while writing articles. Following these guidelines will result in high-quality, enjoyable-to-read, accurate, and well-organized articles.


Articles can only be created if they fall into one of these categories and are deemed important enough to receive their own page. Articles on other topics, such as real-life individuals, businesses, or merchandise, should be avoided. Instead, links to Wikpedia should be used when they are mentioned in other articles.

General writing style

  • The content of this wiki is expressed in English. This is an English language wiki and all edits are expected to be carried out in English
  • Avoid the use of obscenities, slang terms, and euphemisms in articles. They can be used only in the context of quotes from characters.
  • Keep the tenses of articles/sections consistent.
  • History sections of character articles should be written in past tense
  • All Synopsis sections should be written in present tense even if the character whose synopsis it is has died.
  • Refrain from using personal bias or assumptions when editing articles, unless it is specifically mentioned within the series or by the author via a media platform

Images and Media

See the Image Policy page for more information. If you have any questions or concerns please contact an admin'

Layout Guide


Character pages should not be created before the character's name or al'ias has been revealed. Tabs and Subpages should only be added when a character's page has become extremely lengthy due to a surplus of content.

If applicable, character pages should begin with a meaningful quote by the character. It should then be followed by the character's name in English and Japanese, along with a 1-2 sentence general description. The following headings should be used in order if applicable to the character:

The Infobox should be this:
  • Appearance
  • Personality
  • Abilities (if applicable)
  • Relationships (if applicable)
  • Trivia (if applicable)
  • References

Source Referencing

  • The wiki's information should only come from anime, game, official websites, official material, officially proven interviews and the creators.
  • All information added to articles on this site should be referenced.
  • While referencing is expected and encouraged, it is advised to not add a reference after every sentence as to avoid cluttering the writing. Once per paragraph is usually more than enough.
  • When adding trivia or any other information coming from an official outside source, references to the source are required. Do not add unconfirmed information.

These policies are based off the Attack on Titan and My Hero Academia wiki policy pages.