Mamahaha no Tsurego ga Motokano Datta Wiki

This is the Conduct Policy for the Mamahaha no Tsurego ga Motokano Datta Wiki and it provides guidelines for editors and visitors to take into account. The rules may be changed without prior notice.

Personal Conduct

On this wiki, everyone is expected to treat each other with respect. There may be times when disputes arise between users as a result of differing viewpoints, and will feel compelled to participate in a debate about these issues. However, since everyone has the right to an opinion, it is unnecessary to add or criticize something that isn't positive or useful.

That includes; insulting the original commenter, breaching one and/or more of the policies while replying, and/or refusing to end a pointless debate.

If a problem were to arise, or are upset by something, it is best to contact the admins as soon as possible so that they can deal with it appropriately. The admins are active members of the community who ensure that offensive material is deleted and dealt with as soon as possible


Trolling is a term used to describe the act of intentionally provoking a group by triggering users to react, most commonly through offensive comments.

Trolling will not be tolerated, and it can lead to being blocked from the wiki.

Trolling may sound similar to vandalism, but the main difference between the two is that vandalism harms the experience between users and the wiki. Vandalism mostly focuses on the wiki itself, whereas trolling typically focuses on the users only.

To a certain extent, all that can be used to harass other users can be deemed trolling. The following are examples of actions that might be considered trolling:

  • In general, being rude. Excessive explicit language, hostile behavior, and/or offending others are examples of this.
  • Harassment of other users is prohibited. This involves stalking, intimidation, and bashing, among other things.
  • Threatening others. Even if it's done in jest, it's still considered a serious offense.
  • Posting Aggressive or negative messages, links, or pictures. Hate speech such as racism, sexism, homophobia, and other types of bigotry are also included.
  • Getting involved in a political or religious discussion. Although the wiki is not anti-politics or anti-religion, these subjects are a foolproof way to start a futile debate. Arguments or debates of this kind will not be tolerated in this wiki.

Edit wars

An edit war is when editors go back and forth deleting the content of each other's edits. When this occurs, users should avoid changing the page and instead use each other's Message Walls or contact each other on discord to fix the issue. If they continue to change the page, an administrator will be forced to lock it until the problem is resolved.

  • In the edit summary, do not make any rude, sarcastic, or provocative remarks.
  • Unless the problem is fixed, the page should remain as it was prior to the edit war.

Users Thoughts vs. the Wiki's

We cannot afford to let a single user's ideas rule the wiki since it is open to all ideas. This is not to say that users cannot make improvements to the wiki, but it should be acknowledged that the wiki should become what all of its users believe it to be.

It is unreasonable to exclude people from debates or to ignore their viewpoints. Decisions are taken by the entire group, and no matter how "right" one can believe their opinion is, the wiki may still reject it. You should expect that the majority of the wiki will not agree with the changes you suggest, and accept this if it happens.


Please be informed that there are proper ways to conduct discussions in the event of conflicts on forums. When users are discussing pictures, for example, it is a good idea to link to and read the Image Policy. If your suggestions disagree with some of the rules, please first recommend improvements to an admin, even if the majority of the wiki is on your side in a conversation.

If it is not approved, we ask that you not be disappointed if your idea cannot be executed, as there may be circumstances—such as formatting issues—that prevent your idea from functioning properly.

Many problems are actually minor issues, such as image conflicts, name spellings, and so on, and are, in the end, very insignificant. Please move on and return to the subject with a fresh perspective at a later time. You would most likely get the same result if you simply restart arguments without modifying any ideas or adding new facts.

As you reflect, there are loads of other things to do on the wiki, like the chance of coming up with a new idea or viewpoint.

If the wiki has already disagreed with you, try not to make any point a personal vendetta against them. Allow stuff to go and avoid bringing up old hurt feelings, as this will only lead to more tension and will not benefit you or the wiki. In new debates, try to maintain a good attitude so that things can continue to run smoothly. Depending on the severity of an argument, staff may intervene and issue warnings or blocks.

This page is inspired by the Kimetsu no Yaiba wiki policy page.